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Steampunk Idle Spinner

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Spin the cogwheels to make your fantastic steampunk money producing contraption work! Build engines, balloon pumps, mines and let the machine work by itself!
Catch gremlins for rewards. Build a Portal to restart, gain Narrativium, an element which drives your story forward! Or you can travel to another Clockwork world from the portal. Floating Islands world is available, too!


Generally a great game, with some balancing issues, I assume.
I don't know, whether I am doing something wrong (or too right) but I have several zeptillion coins in the bank, the purple hexagon coins lag my browser whenever I am near, and the Interest rate is highly exploitable.

Also, literally thousands of thousands of balloons.
Also, is there any advantage to splitting up cog-chains? Are there any diminishing returns?
Please tell me, if I borked something.

I like the game, it's not a click to death idle game. But I have never been able to figure out where the mine goes. So... I like it, just one issue.

GeneralVimes responds:

Thank you! Mine provides bonus for the money machine. Receiving the ore it generates coins better.

I would've given this four stars had it not been for the ESSENTIAL pop-up character (as it lowers prices considerably) being so hard to click. You can't make something so important and at the same time so irritating. You rob the game of fun when the primary emotion is anger or irritation.

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GeneralVimes responds:

OK, will adjust the variables

Awesome game.
Two suggestion though;
One; add higher values for the coins, after I get the portal and my coin generation explodes it starts to lag, and is nearly unplayable on my Android, after awhile even my PC stars lagging bad.
Two; Capability to link Cogwheel chains togeather, and otherwise let us power the portal with a branch from the coin chain instead of needing to make a new Cogwheel chain for each Portal Amplifier.

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I'm am really addicted to this game

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GeneralVimes responds:

cool! I added new world: Floating Islands!

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Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2017
8:45 AM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set