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OTB - Communication

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I finally came up with another idea for one of my more 'informative' On the Bridge episodes. While relatively short, I made sure to add plenty of detail.

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lmao. XD As always a highly satisfying blend of educational and random! Though satellite phone might be the first piece of equipment introduced herein that I did know about. Hope there's more ship-specific tech possible to tell about in future episodes. Also if that Russian guy spoke English anyway why did he need that book hmm. Great stuff.


It's another masterpiece

I think you have set the record for longest running Flash series on NG. In fact, I bet this Flash series will continue on even after Flash is phased out in a few years. That's how damn good it is.

This probably had the best animation of any submission for this year’s Clock Day. It wasn’t quite the best for me. I think it’s because it needed more action. It should have had more of a punchline. Still, this was enjoyable. I remember phones like that.

Well, maybe it’s toy phones I’m thinking of. It still looks nice. I live near the ocean. Of course, the Earth is mostly covered in the ocean. It makes sense.

oh man, this was a great movie! (you did a great work, as always!)

the zumwalt battleship was beautifully drawn, with high levels of detail, the internal room+machines of radiotube's room was drawn in great detail(as well), and in a very realistic way, the movie taught us a few things about satellite phones, AND, it was really funny on top of that!
i loved how radiotube was joking with the soviet sailor of the ship!
i had definitely fun recording the voices, and im always proud to be a part of the OTB mythos, even if my part isnt really important. (but i hope im helpful!)

great design, great details, incredible drawings of both ships+of their interior, (also the soviet ship was drawn in a great way as well...), good story and solid humour.
perfect work as always, man!

keep up the excellent work, you are the best!
happy clockday!