Snakes and Ladders

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Mouse or finger tap to play.

A fun version of the classic game with two game modes, compatible with mobile devices as well. Have fun and try to avoid all the snakes... argh!


I am impressed with how well this is made but something feels boring about playing shoots and ladders alone online.

This is a fun and wholesome game,(maybe a tad out of place for Newgrounds,lol). The game pays way,even if the 6 shows up way too often. Nicely done and good animation on the snakes.

I thought the game was called "Chutes And Ladders". Now that I think about it, I don't know if I ever played this game as a kid. Wow, I missed out on so much! Well, there was still Candyland. I was doing really badly on my first try. Then I got to 83!

I still lost, but that's a lot better than the 22 I was at! I guess it's just luck. It's still fun, though. I love how bright and colorful this all is. It seems authentic to the original game. I won my second.

I gave it a four because out of the snakes and ladders games I've seen on the site, it's the only one that fulfills what I want: Just a basic game of snakes and ladders. Maybe the AI needs some tweaks, and as someone that has hearing issues, maybe an option for just sound only without the music would be nice, but other than that, it works good. Thank you!

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no such thing as random on a computer program

freeworldgroup responds:

:| argh

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2.90 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2017
10:41 PM EDT
Adventure - Other