Sara - A Meaningful Journey

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"Sara" is a point n click game focused on the story and difficulties that many people may face nowadays. It's time for us to think about how hard it would be to have to abandon our homes for safety and yet be rejected by others.

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Nice, Music really setting the mood with some really nice simple backgrounds


Ok first of all this game has no gameplay value - it could have been be made a better adventure game, by making it harder to find solutions like fixing bikes and distracting drivers, adding more complex dialogues and unnecessary objects to comment and mess things up, adding inventory - the standard adventure game stuff. Obviously only the propaganda mattered to author and not the gameplay. No respect for the players - are players really just cattle for you to feed your propaganda even without any quality control? Cold.

And as for the propaganda - well the two women would probably on even allowed to leave house without male supervision, that is the culture of those people you see not all people who flee war are nice and helpful people like in this propaganda game. They are often of the same flock as the people who wage war. Same nation, mentality, culture. Not even to mention those people who only pretend to be fleeing war but in actuality seek an easy life on welfare. So things are not as simple and black and white as this game would like it to seem.

RhogerSato responds:

I'm sorry, but it seems that you are judging the game in a ridiculous way for some reason that I don't really understand.
The game was intended to attend kids, so the point and click gameplay, easy dialogues and simples puzzles were intentional. You could easily see this by checking the artstyle and innocence in the game.
I don't get any sponsorship or coin to develop games I upload here, so I'm not feeding any propaganda. I develop games because I enjoy it.
Again, the game was developed for kids, so we wouldn't put any bad guys, violence or anything like that.
As for cultural aspects, we do know how different it is. The thing is: we wanted to show the situation of refugees, not their culture, that's what the game's message is about. This is the reason why no countries were mentioned, to avoid people trying to complain about cultural aspects, instead of trying to understand the true message of the game.

I can appreciate that you were depicting the horrors of a war-stricken country and the effects that it has on peoples' lives. Good message.

Too short to be called "part 1" in my opinion, maybe it's more of an "introduction".

I don't like how the cursor disappears in game, it makes the game harder to play.

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2017
5:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click