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Nier Automata: Lost Memories

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(Description might contain slight hints to the actual story.)

2B is subject to an everlasting cycle of deceit and deception in the service of YorHa. Memories were wiped, rebelious insurgents who got to close to the truth were wiped out, and units deemed to be unfit for duty were put down mercilessly.

She had often wondered about her origins. She never questioned it, true, but 9S's words rings in her heart still;

" So 2B, we're supposed to be modeled after our human creators, right?"

"That's what they tell us."

"I wonder what it feels like..."

"What do you mean?"

"...To be human."

However, when 9S went poking around YorHa's databanks, he accidentally restored several memory files while trying to re-activate 2B. Perhaps she had felt what it was like to be human, at least once...

This movie is special gift for my patreons(sorta as an apology) and ofc I'll need to make several things clear:

- I DO NOT own the rights to the animation or model of 2B. These are from the program Honey Select and the presets were from a reddit user named Roy12. The music used is a pure piano cover of "City of Ruins", an OST from the game. Btw, Honesy Select is a program/simulator from Illusion that is really great for customizing and creating your own fucktoys in every shape and size. There is an extension coming out (I think) called Honey Select Party but I'm not sure when or if its already out. I recommend supporting the creators as I have in purchasing the actual product but if you want a cracked copy, you're free to search up sites sites like hongfire and igg games, I dunno.

- I do however, own the rights to the video production. Compilation, editing and mash-up/SFX/music/voice-over was done by me.

This video is not associated with Square Enix or Platinum games and is a parody I made solely to satisfy all your pervy needs. (You know you want this hahaha)

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Well,meh.I don't like it.Gonna forget about this one.
Still,thank you for your work.

this is chief

I will give it three and a half for an honest reason, I think a bit more movement of the body and not a rins and repeat animation could do it some good and the body parts clipping didn't really help either. Other than that it's not bad.

OneManRektArmy responds:


Ripping off of Honey Select with a character skin he probably didn't make, himself, and his excuse is "Not everyone knows about HS?" Seriously, this video is cancer.

OneManRektArmy responds:

Guess what? So are you. If you actually visited Pornhub, You'll find loads of these. I don't see them complaining.

It's just a clip from some dude playing Honey Select. If I wanted this kind of shit, I would have Googled it.

OneManRektArmy responds:

Nobody said you couldn't. If you don't like it, goodbye. Not everyone knows about Honey Select and this is a my way of advertising.

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2017
10:04 PM EDT