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The Adventure of Lily and Micha

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The arrow keys or the mouse can be used to move.

The 'Z' key is the action key (for example to place things on buttons), and variously take and examine things, and so on.

The 'X' key opens the inventory, and is also a kind of a back button


Hi Guys.

This game lasted a while until it was finished.

I and Sandro (we both are Northman Entertainment) are working on one very big project and the game was quasi the cornerstone.

So we increased our project but still more, we have the game cold.

But Sandro was so nice for Newgrounds, to reprocess this game.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

"Northman Entertainment, to be a hero,you don't have to go outside"


If you liked the game, we would be very pleased about a comment or visit our website or Facebook page^ ^





-Franz Reichel

-Sandro Emmerich




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Waaaaaay too many glitches. Poor translation aside, I do enjoy the story.What I don't enjoy is that the game won't let me equip a weapon on Micha and after leaving the lava area thingy to level grind, I can't get back in.

Dear sir,

Please fix this. Everytime I clicked or accidentally clicked on "Option" button, I can't escape from it or cancel it. If I clicked "X" button (or pretty much any button) to cancel it, this popped out:

Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document."

Please...it is frustrating that every single time, I have to restart the game. I really want to enjoy and finish this game.

P/S: Actually this error occurs in almost all of your games I noticed, because I've been playing almost all of your games since your game style is exactly what I liked, because it reminds me of my favorite RPGs - Aveyond and old Final Fantasy games.

Fledermaus = Bat
Blutsauger = Vampire Bat
Stecher = Stinger
Enemy am Boden = Enemy down/Enemy got defeated!
Enemy X damage = Enemy took X damage
Ork = Orc
Orkwache = Orc Sentry/Guard
Orkboss = Orc Boss
Enemy X damage = Enemy took X damage
Übungsgegner = Sparing Partner
Todesbeißer = Death Biter
Orkgarde = Orc Guard/Orc High-Guard
Lilastecher = Purple Stinger
Lily poison = Lily got poisoned
Liliy Swordrain = Lily used Swordrain
Green Mushroom! = Green Mushrooms appeared!
Orkleader = Orc Leader
Zuhause = Home
Grüne Wiese = Green Meadow
Berg der Ruhe = Mountain of Peace
Giftschlange = Poison Snake
Feurjelly = Fire-Jelly
Feuergeist = Fire Ghost
Micha paralysis = Micha got paralysed!
Skorpion = Scorpion
Feuerelfe = Fire Fairy
Blaues Gelee = Blue Jelly/Blue Slime
Rotaugen Hai = Red-eyed Shark
Spinne = Spider
Ratte = Rat
Giftpflanze = Poisonous Plant
HP-Absorbing = Life Drain
MP-Absorbing = Mana Drain
Electricspark = Electric Spark
Poisoncloud = Poison Cloud
Fogcloud = Blinding Fog
Phoenixbreath = Phoenix Breath
Hollyspark = Holly Spark
Flameexplosion = Flame-explosion
Worldmap = World Map
Enchantmantforger = Enchantment-forger/Magical blacksmith
Erdsplitter = Earth splinter
Heilge Schrift = Holy book/scripture
Grassschlange = Grass Snake
Landelfe = Earth Fairy
Wandernde Pflanze = Wandering Plant
Dieb = Thief/Bandit
Diebin = female Thief/Bandit
Schwertkämpfer = Swordsman
Oase des Friedens = Oasis of Peace
Oasia = Oasis
City of Refelction = City of Reflection
Straße der Banditen = Street of Bandits/Bandit's Street
Flameinferno = Flame Inferno
Verrücktes Huhn = Crazy Chicken/Cockatrice
Dunkle Blume = Dark Flower
Blutiger Zombie = Bloody Zombie
Ruhelose Seele = Restless Soul
Zombiepuppe = Zombie Doll
Gerippe = Rackabones
Wache = Sentinel
Hauptmann = Captain
Werwolf = Werewolf
Ruintown = Ruin Town/Town Ruins
Jagdbogen = Hunting Bow
Florians Wife = Florian's Wife

Talking to the king at the earth reich causes some of what you are going to ask him about to turn into german like Herald der Weise.

Cross-Hit looks like one single attack instead of two and can miss like a normal attack.

It is possible to leave the village without getting the upgraded sword, but then there won't be any monster encounters nor a way to go back to get it and buy the better equipment.

Why does Micha not know any TP skills? He is 19 years old and a royal knight, he should at least know two skills! Even nobles ho aren't a prince or princess get trained so they know how they can defend themself. What happens when we don't transfer Lily's sword skills to Micha, will he then have no skills for the rest of the game or learn a few skills all of a sudden?

Getting some damage from walking in a hot desert is a nice idea, but isn't a place with lava even hotter even when you aren't touching it?

The game tends to freeze from time to time and then I have to reload the game and get to the same point again...it's not fun having to beat the same boss again and again and again. The Gargoyle killed me a few times after I managed to beat him and only because the game froze! The same happens every single time after talking to Florian's wife too when the quest for Artemis isn't finished yet.

Since when is the Q key called page up? It said I have to press page up in order to use the world map and only found out how to do it by pressing all keys on my keyboard.

Lily has an elemental sword now so why is she dealing only earth damage to the enemies when it should have all elements except light and darkness?

I could need some help with the riddle and the treasure map...there should at least be some clues what the numbers mean. The hints on the treasure map aren't enough for me. I can't continue the game because I need to solve this stupid riddle first in order to find the ring for Micha.

Turning 6 potions into a bigger potion...that's an exchange of healing items that can restore 1000 HP for an item that can restore 750 HP. A bad deal if you ask me. You wouldn't want to exchange 1000€ for 750€, right?

Is it a bug or is it normal that all my equipment is only worth 1 gold no matter to which shop in each town I go to? I noticed that after going to the oasis and now every shop offers me only 1 gold for each equipment no matter how much gold it cost me to buy it. Don't buy anything at the oasis, you can get the same equipment for a lower price a little bit later.

I went to the ruin town and now there is snow everywhere I go, including on the world map and even inside buildings! Is it a graphical error or intended that you can't see your party in the snow and snowstorm while going to the ruin town?

I can't enter the forest labyrinth...I thought the entrance of the forest could lead me to the maze, but it looks like I have to find another way inside. Or can I get to the elemental shrines only after hearing about them all and finishing the quest of gathering information? I can't find the windmill thingy anywhere either and thus not go near the tower.

Why can't Lily cast a spell that costs 10 TP when she has more than enough, but her MP are zero and has no silence on her? That doesn't make any sense!

when i use the jailkey to get into the room where the fire key is a battle automatically starts, and the door i'd just entered gets deformed and i can't leave. so it looks like i can't progress any further, which is a bummer since i liked the game up to that point

Nice game, I love it! I would love it even more if after Micha joins the party the monsters wouldn't be appearing every two steps