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Space Guardian is an action game in which you will have to destroy the enemy ships that invade your base.
Try to resist as long as possible and defend your place.

if you want the version for pc,can download it in this link :)

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The game is not bad, but I would prefer a level format, not a big fan of endless score grinding with inevitable death. And for these endless games a public scoreboard is necessary.

Best games of this type have levels, different weapons, upgrades, different maps and skins. This was simplistic without that. The base mechanics are good and all the details could have been built upon this base.

Also some simple plot could be added.

Another annoying thing is that while I did have the animated cross hair cursor, the standard windows mouse arrow also remained and ruined the view. This seems a common issue with games based on unity engine. One way how this can be avoided in some of these games is by an options menu where you checkbox whether you want to see the windows mouse. Most of times the first time game is opened the standard mouse cursor is checked off but is still visible and you have to turn it on and then off in checkbox to really turn it off. But this game has no such a menu.

A good thing was fullscreen mode.

It's a somewhat tired concept made worse by the fact that your hitbox takes up half the screen. The enemies reach you in two seconds and the weapon is not strong or accurate enough to take that on. The challenge is more futile than enjoyable, though I like the music.

The art style and assets look great and the addition of screenshake and visual effects makes the game look very polished. The random spawning of enemies and near guarantee that they'll fire at you makes the game very short and lack in interesting moments. I've had brown ships spawn on top of my turret, very outside of the scope of the camera causing them to fire before I've had a chance to see them and I've yet been able to even destroy a green ship before it destroys me. Either I'm missing a large portion of the controls or the game is quite unfair.

Nice game, dont love the graphics tho; i have no idea what i am looking at, what it is supposed to represent..

Would love an option that would turn of the shaking of the screen, and as TesTer said; upgrades etc.


Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2017
12:01 AM EDT

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