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Tunnel Swipe

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5 for 5 5 Points

Reach a score of 5 or more.

First Death 5 Points

Die for the first time.

Color 10 Points

Reach a score of 25 or more.

Darkness 25 Points

Reach a score of 100 or more.

Trance 50 Points

Reach a score of 250 or more.

Number 1 100 Points

Get the highest score in the world.

Author Comments

NOTICE: Medals can take time to unlock, do not exit the game as soon as you complete a medal criteria or else the medal may not unlock in time.

Navigate the tunnel, avoiding the obstacles in this fast paced addicting game.

With leader-boards, compete against the rest of the world and see how long you can last!

What is your highest score?


W - Dodge Up
D - Dodge Down
Q - Dodge UP Left
E - Dodge Up Right
A - Dodge Down Left
D - Dodge Down Right


Click, swipe and release in the directions you wish to dodge.


Also available on the Google Play Store:

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well heck hyperfocusing made me get a 181

I like the concept of this game, it got me in this for hours! I wish there was a full leaderboards page where you can see the scores and names and be able to put a name for your record, everyone is saying alredy to put music so I won't say it too, btw I got WR in this game :D There is a bug that if you got a new record and you press the retry button right after it won't count your record :/ You should add more modes, I think it's a great idea to make moving obstacles too. Anyways great game!


There's definitely some funky stuff with the scores. "World Position" seems to be random or at least not really reflect what it's probably supposed to -- one game I can do awesome and it says "world position" is like 500 something. Another game I can completely suck and get "world position" less than 20.

Score also does really weird things completely at random, like one game the end score was -2 then it went to -1 then 0 and finally 1 as the final score (even though I had actually passed at least 60 or 70 or something like that -- didn't keep exact track because paying attention to not dying -- in the game)

It's awkward that your player immediately goes back to center. Instead, while a key is being held down you should remain in exactly that position and only go back to center once a key is released. This is trivially easy to implement as well -- you simply test for keydown event and, while keydown, remain in the position of that key (for example to go through multiple doors all with the same hole in a row) and only return to center upon a keyup event.

Finally, it's a really bad idea to have a medal that is "get the highest score in the world" for the simple reason that invites abuse. All it takes is one person to cheat the high scores system and then nobody will be able to obtain such medal ever beyond that point, no matter how good they are. You can have one medal that's a really high score required to unlock, sure, but tying it to worldwide high scores is problematic.

A possible compromise is to have the highest score medal be something like "Get the highest score in the world *Or* get a score of X amount of points" where you set that X to something reasonable. That way, before anyone reaches X amount of points, people can obtain it by getting highest score in the world, but after, and even if someone does abuse the system and cheat a high score, at least people can still obtain it by getting whatever that X amount was.

But the key is to keep it reasonable and actually doable.

Then you just check if score is highest worldwide score and score is less than X then award medal. Else if score is greater than or equal to X then award medal. It will come down to making a good choice for X.

Because let's be honest -- if someone ends up with a score of a million or even a hundred thousand (probably even ten thousand) there's no way that's legit. And that's the risk/problem when you tie a medal to highest score.

CjElliott responds:

Okay first of all thanks for trying and taking your time to review my game, will try answer all these questions :)

Funky Scores: World Position is based on your "Best" score, sometimes it might be late to update which may result in the World Position not updating until a game over after the initial game over.
This is what results in things like you getting 500 world position for a good score and then 20 for a bad score, the 20 is from the good score, it was just late to update world position.

-1, -2 etc score: This is a bug, will look into it but you're the first to report this and I have not seen it on any of my bug tests, but will try get it fixed as soon as possible.

Highest world medal: The medal will always be possible, if someone can get their, any one can get their with enough practice. All score are on my server, if someone cheats I will notice and simply remove the score. I already have things in place to make sure scores are legit. I wanted a medal that becomes harder and harder to unlock.

Moving back to center: I know how to program a key down event xD I am a full time game developer, this is by design choice, I wanted the game to be like a rhythm game, where you not only have the press the correct key you also have to get the timing correct.
This game to also a mobile game, so holding down a swipe is not really possible in a comfortable way.

This game is a ton of fun! I now want to install it on my phone. I have a little advice. I think you should stick with this game. With some changes, I would drop a couple of bucks to have this game on Steam. 1) Give visual feedback (maybe make the color change every 10-20 rings?) This would give a sense of progression. 2) Probably music. I personally don't listen to game music, but some people do. Something with a heavy beat (check out super hexagon) 3) QWEASD is a bit awkward. Maybe arrow keys (left+up = top left?) or use the mouse (drag or maybe just swipe with mouse.) Num. pad might actually wok too
Overall, this is great. Keep up the great work. This could be something great!

CjElliott responds:

Thanks for the amazing words :)

Firstly now sure if you noticed but it is available on the android via the google play store, link in description :) or was that what you were getting at by "I now want to install it on my phone" xD

Anyways I definitely feel like the color changing every 10-20 rings is a good idea, I will implement that in the future :)
As for music I have been looking for music for ages, I just was never able to find anything that fit the game correctly :/ Will try looking in some different places or hire a musician if I can't find anything I like, but yeah a lot of people seem to want music.
As for using arrow keys and pressing two keys for diagonal movement, the with that is that the left and right key would be completely useless as you can not move left or right, might just seem a bit strange. I'll implement it and test it out, if its not too strange I'll add it to the game :)

Once again, thanks a lot for the awesome review, great feedback and all these great ideas :D

This is really fun. But there's a small glitch with the score. At the moment my best is 126 but it's still showing 81 on the High Scores...I should be higher D:< I DESERVE RECOGNITION DAMN IT!!!

CjElliott responds:

Thanks, uploading a fix for high-scores and medal issues in half an hour, please bare with me til then :)