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Electric Connection

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Drag and Drop to make a current-line to connect current flows from a source to the matching output.
There is no time limit (Only Time Bonus) but you have limited moves for each round.

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Pretty good and fun, but level 10 seems to be bugged, and doesn't let the flow continue on from the second pipe onwards, even when they are all lined up.


- Mechanics - decent puzzling
- Graphics

- Music (not too good and not electrical but can be turned off)

- Lots of bugs - for the first three levels the game would not finish levels even if I completed the circuit. I was almost going to give this game only one star for for being broken but luckily I found a workaround. I discovered that opening another browser tab, then opening the game tab again would refresh game and it would accept the circuit immediately. After first three levels this annoying bug disappeared.
- Giving score for time is useless. One can just complete levels leisurely and then remember the pattern and replay it to get all 3 stars. It's just a chore. The standard pipemania solution with flowing water is better.
- Just 20 levels was really, really short.
- After finishing the game it gives just empty screen. No medal, not even a "congratulations" writing. Not even credits. Not even a button to go back to menu. Just empty and completely counteractive background screen.

On overall this is a nice twist on standard pipes / pipemania formula. However the original water pipe formula probably is more versatile as proved by the author of this electrical variant not coming up with too many different game elements that would allow for more non-repeating and non-generic levels.

Nothing new to the genre, also level 10 is bugged. Wont win even though its lined up right.

Level two should have the option to use the downward route so ':: so to say.
After this it got addictive and fun

Over-recycled game is over-recycled.