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An epic, colorful and fast-paced arcade game with two game modes! Try to reach as far as you can without making a mistake.

UPDATE: Scoreboards added!

Use the mouse or keyboard.
Keyboard controls: enter + arrow keys or WASD

If the game keeps loading or if you experience performance problems, please consider using a modern browser.


Great game for training your concentration, reflex and patience. I am using it as my daily brain workout and I will keep playing it for a long time. It is very difficult to get a good score so congrats to NONOPENO for reaching 498 in avoid mode (Who are you? Are you a cyborg? :P)
So thanks Diamonax for awesome game and I hope there gona be part 2 or 3 or more.

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Wow this is like my cube growth, but better. Well done

This game has too abstract and psychedelic graphics for my taste and gets boring and repetitive rather fast.

On the good side, the game looks beautiful, before the simplicity annoys you, music is fitting and not too annoying. Music and sound can be turned off separatly, which is good. It has public highscores which is a must for all endless score accumulation games, but not all of them have them, so it is a plus.

On overall the game is simplistic and has very basic gameplay of little depth, but is very technically well made from all aspects.

Its great, but I really wish it had a distance tracker so there would be high scores for distance and high scores for how many triangles you collected.

The music is really cool !
The game is original,and it's super-cool !
Nice Game !!

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3.64 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2017
2:23 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid