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The Warrior in the Garden

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An artistic game that requires the player to think upon their actions.

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I think the lower rated comments aren't exactly into this type of game.

This is more of an artistic stand point rather than an action packed adventure. I find the style lovely and leaving little else to desire.

definitely could use some work to fix minor issues such as glitches but honestly, for something you've done on your own this is definitely showing you have potential and ability.

the sword kills the enemies without even touching them so they dont pose any threat and there are only three of them and you go so slow. the only reason im giving it one star is because of the funny glitch when you hold space and move. you could of made something really good for example the saying at the end was good but some type of beginning instead of just starting you infront of your house with no explanation and i cant even play again but i can still here my sword slashing over and over again.

This game really didnt have much gameplay the art was okay there wasnt much of it the ambient music is a 10 and the quote at the end just came off like a forced attempt at being deep

Nice art and sound, inconsistent game

you should have some kind of explanation for why we leave or turn back, like some floating text that says "someones here" and then "i shouldnt go any further" or something. when i got to the far right end i thought the game had just ended abruptly, and it would help to guide the player a little more.

this looks and sounds great. the combat was glitchy and i wish there was a little more depth, but i think if you made this the first level of a longer, more complex game, you could have an impressive title