Sanguine Rose - Alpha 1.0.0

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Download and play the latest builds of Sanguine Rose on PC, Mac, and Android through itch.io

Or Play 1.0.2 here on Newgrounds: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/699845

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Click the Dialogue box to advance, or press spacebar/enter.
Click the '?' in the top left or press [i] to bring up the help menu.
Press [s] or [esc] to bring up the Save/Load menu.
Click the Jewel or the highlighted text to select a choice when prompted.
Click the menu on the right side of the screen to view the gallery of unlocked artwork within your current scene.

Sanguine Rose is an adult Visual Novel under development by Dusky Hallows Studio. The game revolves around the seductive and dominating High General Carmen Valentine and the mercenaries who have successfully captured her. The current build covers the first of three days within the game and features over 30 pieces of high-quality artwork, fully expressive sprites, and approximately 20,000 words! If you'd like to know more about the project or access the latest builds of the game, please visit our Blog and Patreon linked above.

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I really like this game but on the other hand can there be options to make any woman fall in love with you even if your human. just saying?

I love the art style and how each character has a distinctive personality. I like that we have a choice to not indulge in sex with Carmen.

My only issue is that the game froze during the "stew on thigh" scene and gave me no options to save my progress. So I have to start all over again.

I'm really loving this game. You mentioned that depending on how you interact with Crow, she can join in the BJ scene. I have played through this game several times and she always joins. Is there way that she doesn't?

DuskyHallows responds:

Thank you! I actually misspoke when I said that. In the planned version of this release, it would only trigger under certain conditions, but we changed our minds and had it always trigger. We might change this back in future versions and have Roman finish with Carmen, but until we have content for the alternate path we're sticking with just the one.

boring is just talk, ugly and old characters...arghh nothing new in terms of anything.

DuskyHallows responds:

A lot of people prefer Visual Novels to contain dialogue, but you can skip it by holding down the spacebar. This Alpha contains over 30 works of art so I assure you there's a lot more than just talk ;) It's impossible to please everyone though, I suppose.

While I'd love to see some animation as well, the artwork in this is amazing as it is. Also, I am hopeful that you'll be able to maintain the importance of player choices and truly branch off as individual storylines. The characterization is really good, just from this demo I've got a fairly good grasp of what each person is about, and the scenes are awesome. Keep up the good work!

DuskyHallows responds:

Thank you, we're glad that you enjoyed playing! Our artist Duski is actually learning animation alongside working on the project, and the latest scene we've made includes two animations. We're also creating scenes with different points of view so that you can really get into each character's head. So hopefully you'll enjoy our next demo even more!

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2017
5:35 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click