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Mr. Freeman, part 63

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All right, hot-shots, no small talk or bullshit today! Just cold reality and stark, naked truth. Don't wanna know, or friggin' scared? Door's there! Whattaya waiting for? Thanks for sharing, get the hell out! I've had it with your snobby fed-up attitude and your non-stop whining. Why ya smiling? I said get the hell out! THIS IS MY TERRITORY!

I've gotten thousands and thousands of comments: "Been there done that”, "Blah blah blah", "Hey this is awesome!", “Teen solipsism blah-blah!”, "I'm adding this to my Favorites list!", "Heard it before - same old shit!" What have these "commenters" ever done in their entire insipid boring lives that's interesting and new? I mean have they ever created a SINGLE THING? From what I've seen they just smear nothing but crap on my comments section. And that's it! Most people have hands, heads, and asses. And what've they produced with them except shit? They shit on the internet while they shit in the toilet. On the net, in the toilet. On the net, in the toilet. What's gonna be left for your stupid kids and grandkids once you're gone, hmm? Unfunny jokes in random blogs that nobody ever reads?

Then there's this crap: "Ooh, I've already heard all that before, why don't you come up with something new so I can laugh my ASS OFF!" Ha-ha-ha! There are a googleplex of Boob-tube channels for your "entertainment", so ya can suck down sappy gags all day and never think AT ALL! Now ya can zone out 24/7, without ever turning on your flabby brain. Eat, shit, laugh! Eat, shit, laugh! Eat, shit, laugh! Eat, shit, laugh! Eat, shit, laugh! EAT, SHIT, LAUGH! EAT, SHIT, LAUGH!

People! Yeah, you! Take a look at yourselves. Billions of comments all over the web... And they're mostly - shit. Shit, shit, shit... and only a few get the actual message. You are slow on the draw, human beings. You are — slow on the draw. If you've already heard everything... Then why haven't you done anything to make changes in your lives? Hmm? You're so damn tough and certain you're right, aren't you all? And what if you got chained to a radiator, with a baseball bat sticking right in your face? Where will that toughness and certainty go then? Into your pants? With all your adrenaline!?

You didn't duck in time! Seven : Zero! You've gotta be nimbler, my precious! They say I’m the same trash as the rest. Guess what, my darling friends? Given the alleged value system of the majority. I'm far worse than that! Far worse! Well I wonder now what your comments will be like... Or maybe get off your ass and change the system?

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