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That’s what everyone thinks.

But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.


You’re a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have 5 minutes until the verdict.

You only have time for one more action.

What will you do in those minutes?

Find the truth. Serve justice.

Play the game.


Made for Ludum Dare 39, to inspire a feeling of powerlessness.


itch.io - zephyo.itch.io/he-beat-her
GameJolt - gamejolt.com/games/he-beat-her/273009


For 48 hours, this is a charming game, but it has it's issues, which probably comes more from the sort of game you decided to make, than the actual effort put in.

The visuals look great. They add to the feeling of the overall game, and make it more appealing. The sketchy way of drawing things really gives a lovely vibe, that fits the overall theme of the game. I think this is the main thing that convinced me that the issue isn't in the game itself, but in the sort of game it is.

The soundtrack was good at the start, but it has it's way of giving you a unrestful feeling after a while, which reduced the patience I had for finding out what choices I had.

Which leads me to the next point, the choices you have are very limited. This is the main issue that most people run into, which is in a way very logical seeing your time limit of 48 hours. But that's where the issue of this game is. This sort of game simply isn't made for Ludum Dares. The amount of options that need to be available for this game to truly go and create a compelling story is incredible, something simply not possible in the amount of time you had.

If this had been a more linear story-based game, you could have created a compelling storyline that could have been told very clearly. Instead, people are now forced to choose between a very limited amount of options, which leaves the feeling of one's hand being forced towards choices they would not have naturally made. I especially had that feeling since I felt the urge for a walkthrough quite soon. Obviously, others may not feel the rush for such things, but I personally do not think of a game like this as something I want to spend hours on, simply to find out what exactly to ask, say, do etc.

Overall, I really do like the game. It's a good attempt at creating a compelling choice-based story. However, due to the time constraint you were under, it simply could not shine the way it was supposed to shine. I almost wish you had simply kept the concept on a slow burner for a while and had made this a bigger game, in which you could perhaps even better showcase the feelings you were trying to give to your audience, and a few more. This for example really felt like it had the potential to show things like jury/judge bias in a very compelling, powerful way, which due to the lack of choices, simply wasn't possible.

This is why I'm giving it a 3/5. It certainly isn't horrid, but it just doesn't pull me in the way I think it was supposed to.

Kind regards, Distractionz

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zephyo responds:

hey, thanks! From your previous reviews, I don't think you're a troll, so I really appreciate your time and this feedback. I realize now this is hard for players. I'll definitely keep your critique about usability+genre in mind for future games.

i've done 48 hour game challenges so i understand that there isn't a lot you can and want to implement when making it. Keeping this in mind, from what i have seen, the game from its art and atmosphere is phenomenal. I especially love that you added in a feature that lets you go back to entering an option with out having to scroll through all the opening text again. It would be awesome to see you update and or expand this game if you ever get the chance.

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zephyo responds:

thank you!! The empathy is very appreciated. I wish you luck on any future game challenges.

I love the atmosphere of the game, I love how you really have to think about what you need to say but I do admit the beginning doesn't really help you progress all that much you are just kind of thrown into it and fumble through for a while. not bad though

How about better hints? What's the point of a game that you aren't familiar with presenting an undoable puzzle at the very beginning with unsatisfactory preparation. How about a tutorial?

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zephyo responds:


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Aug 3, 2017
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