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That’s what everyone thinks.

But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.


You’re a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have 5 minutes until the verdict.

You only have time for one more action.

What will you do in those minutes?

Find the truth. Serve justice.

Play the game.


Made for Ludum Dare 39, to inspire a feeling of powerlessness.


itch.io - zephyo.itch.io/he-beat-her
GameJolt - gamejolt.com/games/he-beat-her/273009


I will give give 2.5 stars for bravely attempting an original type of gameplay, but no nore because it was a failure.

I hated the pretentious artsy graphics most of all. I disliked the blurry shapes.

This would be much better if there was a real courtroom drawn and you could select objects with mouse. Leave only actions for typing.

As it is now it is boring.

But the preimise of the game was good, could be better if executed in a very different manner.

zephyo responds:

I get that, but 'failure' and 'pretentious artsy graphics'? This review only demotivates and does not help unless you expand.

I have to agree with some of the criticisms I read in other reviews (e.g.: pqnet's and Kikoshou's, in this page): as a game, I can't give more than 3 stars, mostly because there is not a story (as said in other reviews, the player ends up knowing the story, but my character doesn't), and because of the frustration I felt for the trial/error mechanism in this case (also: in a game that has such a ripetitive mechanic and involves the use of the keyboard, having to use the mouse to restart/rewind is very uncomfortable).
I understand that 48 hrs is a very short time especially since you made everything, from art to coding.
On a positive side, the idea of the story is good and I also like the fact that you're dealing with subjects like psychological disorders, abuses, etc., in an original way.
On a more than positive side, your art is wonderful and is worth playing this game alone. You are really very talented.

If you want, you could try making a 2nd version of this game, spending more time on game mechanics and trying to include the story "into" the game.
Or you could do something else: just keep doing art, please.

zephyo responds:

thanks so much for the review and the kind words. I'm going to keep making games because I like programming and just art is boring, but thanks.

This game is about investigating, you try random actions and discover pieces of the truth, then put them together and use to close the trial in your favour.
Except that you don't have time to do that, because you only have one action and then the trial is over. Of course, you may use that action to learn something, and play again, but that makes the main character insignificant: even when he succeed he does not understand what he does, and why he does that, he just happen to do the right things and say the right words out of "luck" (which is actually the player knowing more than he does). Because of this even when you make "winning" choices there is no feeling of closure (i.e. "every part of the story has been settled) which marks the game as complete and gives the player a sense of satisfaction.
In summary, this "only one action" setting may make the game look cool and original, but in practise it destroy storytelling and hinders gameplay (it is really frustrating to be looking at the same "game over" screen every action you make). This choice and the lack of a clear ending (lot of story pieces were introduced but left unsettled, won't go into details because of spoilers) are damaging storytelling a lot in this game. And since the game focus is on storytelling (as with all graphic adventures) this is a big shortcoming.

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I'm a big fan of visual novels and I absolutely loved the game. Really impressive that you've done this much in 48 hours! I'm glad you've came across our game as well so that I could find yours :) Only major critique that I have would be to have a rewind button once the case is closed. Having to play everything back from the very first scene can be a little annoying, specially if it takes 3 or 4 questions before getting to where you were before. I've rated the game at ldjam as well and will make sure to follow you on Twitter! Cheers!

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zephyo responds:

OMG what a pleasant surprise! Maker of Pain That Binds Us! Big fan! Yes, totally; usability needs to be addressed here. Thanks so much :DD Great job, too.

Somewhat good with the music and art, but the way you make the player have the options to decide what to do is not great.

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zephyo responds:

thank you! yes, I'll definitely better that in future similar games.

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Aug 3, 2017
1:01 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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