August 25th 2017

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This game was made for the Ludum Dare 39 in 72 hours!

When people die, you can’t interact with them no more. You can remember them OK, but that’s it.

That’s what this nogame is about.

It’s a nogame about losing people. About missing people. About you missing people.

Every 5 days, one out of the 5 NPCs in this nogame will die. Yes. Die. Forever. Like, hum, actually dying.

An empty room means that someone died there. Someone you could’ve met if you’d played this game just a few days earlier.

(Remind to press Z if you want to “play” it on fullscreen!)


Edu Verz: Design, Art, Code & Beícoli: Music

Mohammed Bakir Kawham: Art

Josué Monchán: Writting

Fernando Labarta: Pet , Art

Quike Zarraga: Code Fireman!

OST here: https://soundcloud.com/beicoli/i-am

AFTER PLAY THIS, WE RECOMMEND VISIT: http://seeyourfolks.com/

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When are you going to step up start making games that cost money cause you can and they will sell and ill buy it!

Wow, this is pretty deep. I've never lost one of my beloved ones, I guess I'm kinda lucky, but I know that someday I'll have to suffer a lost and I wanna be prepared. That is what games are for, this medium is special because you can really interpret a character. Games are not always funny or entertaining, sometimes they have to be sad, like all forms of art.
I love your work by the way. <3

A game that becomes unplayable shortly after publishing? I went through several rooms (at an agonizingly slow pace), and there's nothing for me. I get that that's probably the message-- passage of time, realism, all that-- but it doesn't detract from the fact that the game literally deletes its own content. If it doesn't have some sort of reset function that we've all somehow missed, it's not worth playing anymore. No NPCs that I could walk to at the snail-pace you move at are still programmed. I'm not sure how long the hall actually is, but almost 3 months have passed. I doubt this game has that many NPCs, or at least not ones that are worth spending 30 minutes checking empty rooms

This is the first time I tried to play and all the people were already gone, I'm not sure if it was a glitch of some kind or what but it's a little disappointing. I wish there was a way to restart it somehow. Not bad for 72 hours though, I suppose. The music fits and the graphics are alright

I think I would have enjoyed the game play, but I had to abruptly leave my computer once it opened and returning to it some hours later only to find that all of the content has expired without getting the opportunity to experience any of it is pretty disappointing. I see the intro says "every 5 days" but yeah there are no characters in any of the rooms now just a few hours later, so perhaps there's a bug here. There has to have been a better way to construct this so that there still in fact is a thing to play. As someone who works in a nursing home, there's something poignant about this but at the same time... not really all that new or helpful.

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2017
1:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Job