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Our submission for Ludum Dare 39 : BERZERK HUNT !

The melee attack, dash, and axe throw, must be aimed using the mouse !

KNOWN BUG : If you aim out of the screen, the character will continuously move in one direction. Simply move in that direction to continue playing. Bugfix is coming !

Find a bug-less downloadable version right here : https://thefunattic.itch.io/berzerk-hunt

[EDIT 1] - Fixed scoring and animation.

Hunt for the glory of Ull, the god of winter, in this nordic-themed action game !

Your Fury is the only thing that keeps you alive in this harsh environment. How long will you maintain it to survive ?
Destroy rabbits and fight wild animals using your powerful abilities !

Don't forget to leave a rating, on this site as well as on Ldjam.com ! We thank you in advance, and dearly hope you will enjoy our creation.

Authors :

A game from the Fun Attic :


Collaborator Exquisite - Marc JACOB : Programming and Game Design

Martin JACOB : Game Design, Graphics, Sound Design, Music

Sacha RIVIERE : Graphics

Special thanks to :

Guillaume JACOB

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Pretty great game with nice visuals and fun gameplay. It can get tedious after a while and the controls aren't perfect either, but this is overall a pretty good game.

This game is pretty fun and has nice graphics. Lot's of different attacks is cool. The different projectiles of the throwing attack are cool. Controls looked weird at the beginning, but pretty soon I realized that they are actually on point. Having both mouse buttons functioning and useful in a browser game is especially nice.

There are 3 things that should be improved and I reduced a halfstar for each of them:

- Make it fullscreen to truly enjoy the graphics.
- Animate the cursor into a sword/axe. The boring standard windows cursor looks too plain on the beautiful graphics.
- Introduce a public highscore table and/or medals and achievements to give some purpose to the endless slaughter.

Cool game, with nice pixel graphics. My computer appears to be too slow to let me play it smoothly though. Reminds me of mobs, inc. a bit.



You know, even if you have such a strange keyboard configuration because reasons,...no.

There is no reason to give us a graphical representation of it. WASD is the standard. And you even give us the option to use it. So why would you give an UI instruction on ZQSD?


Oh - great game btw. :P

TheFunAttic responds:

Thank you !

ZQSD are the standard directional keys for us French ! We have AZERTY keyboards instead of the anglo-saxon QWERTY.

That game was fun)
But sometimes I was stucking in textures, I mean on the top of the screen.
I was walking to top left corner, then the bear came to me and then I cant go back to map and died.
That was the most annoying thing.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2017
11:29 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler