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Ripley explains to Mimi why zombies can't stand the rain.

This was a simple character animation test using a few original characters.

Audio by Nelvana

Support: https://www.patreon.com/froggywithfries
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/froggywithfriez

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What? I don't understand.

She has a point, bad things can happen in the rain. ;-;

we need more Vlad in motion

not bad :D

I really like your animation style; it's always jittery, but very charming and I think I want to fuck all of your characters, so that's rather nifty too.

I will say that I think this cartoon lacks a payoff to an extent, but I completely love the visual development aspect of it; your color choices are eyegasm inducing and all of the backgrounds are simple and effective in making everything pop; I just kind of found myself rewatching this toon a few times to see if I was missing something, only to consistently find that nothing of the sort is the case, because it's difficult to convey that sort of feeling when the character isn't in a situation where they're experiencing it first hand. I think this exact same cartoon with the characters outside in the rain under umbrellas may have set the undertone a tad more effectively, or maybe with an additional note from the orating vampire chick about how this has tied into her life experiences. It's important to immerse the viewer when you're going for a narrative that's even mildly dramatic.

Anyway, not to nitpick; this is great material; is Daisy in the same cartooniverse as these three? I think she's my favorite of your characters by a landslide, because I am very consistently hard thinking about her. The end.