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Power Outcold - Ludum Dare 39

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Author Comments

* Move: Right and Left arrow keys
* Jump: Space
* Restart Level: R-key

* Pushing crates drains your energy.
* Refill your energy by collecting batteries.

Made for Ludum Dare 39 - Jam Mode - Running out of Power
Please rate at: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/power-outcold

Twitter: @JustMoaz

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This game looks dull, it feels like something that is still being worked on. Just three screens? With the last one involving a nice little pixel perfect jump? Plus some slippery controls. There was nothing here. Some sound effects would have been nice. Also some background music, we have the Audio Portal filled to the brim with music to choose from. The idea is nice, it's not fleshed out much though. I understand that during Ludum Dare you're on a time limit, but this is just way too short and with little substance.

|| Cheers ||
*Great Concept
*Good Controls

|| Jeers ||
*No Sound
*No Music
*Bad Gameplay

3 Levels only!? Noooooo :( This game has potential for more levels, and improvement...
I'll put my thoughts on the Ludum Dare page :D

JustMoaz responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm working on an update right now but it will be uploaded it as a different entry on NG to keep this one for Ludum Dare reviews.

pretty good idea i liked some of the puzzles like the last one with the spikes. the artstyle is ok, but the reason i give it such a low rating are the controls. it makes the whole thing feel like your moving on ice rather than solid ground. it can be xpanded and done better, if the dev had more time to make it.

In the final level liked the idea of pushing the create over the spikes using the jump to avoid the spikes. Power drain idea is well thought out and I guess the game can be expanded to more levels when you get time.

Ok idea, but way to short. The controls really suck. Made it nearly unplayable.