Dreaming with Elsa

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For the last few nights you've been seeing this woman in your literal sleeping dreams. Then, on the first day of a new delivery route, you meet her in person. Can you convince this shy bookstore owner to go out with you? If so, how far can you take things? Along the way, the two of you will need figure out why you are you seeing each other in your dreams. Is that a coincidence, or is something more nefarious going on?

Don't forget to check the "Menu" button for extra save/restore slots and the Achievements. There's a bonus scene if you unlock all of them.

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I love the game but why is the game window so large? also will there be a sequel?

The insertion of 2D shadow in the 3D was an excellent resource. High level game

I'll bite.

That erotic game was "Date Ariane" wasn't it?

tlaero responds:

If you're talking about the erotic game on Jason's computer in his apartment, it was Coffee for Keisha, one of the games I did prior to this one, but with a different artist.


no mater what you do you cant beat hard mode if it was possible it whold have got 5 stars

tlaero responds:

You most certainly can beat hard mode. PM me if you'd like to discuss it.


I really enjoyed this and was happily switching back and forth between two different saves as the romantic one and sexual. I got more points as the romantic but only finished with 75 points. I hate that I wont be able to pin point exactly which option I missed but I did manage to get almost ever achievement so that was something! :)

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3.79 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2017
8:03 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating