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Jul 29, 2017 | 8:30 PM EDT

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Aye, waddup.... Welcome.... Idk



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'ma rate you five... cuz I completely don't know noting.


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Hahahaha this is very funny

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the approach... You're staying on model, and there's only a spot or two of "jumpy" or "jerky" stuff, which comes with the territory of low-budget and new to business... So... don't sweat it, and if you're into the humor of cartooning instead of serious about taking yourself and your "craft" seriously, it could even blend right into your "style"...
Audio... I always hit this. You did alright, I mean it's clean and clear. I could understand everything and your VO sync's up with the action well. That's the tough side of audio in animation. It's not quite "polished" (I think that's the best term for it) but you'll get to the heart of that with practice on those filters and fine tuning. So I'll only cite "Cinefix" and agree, "Good audio will make you. Bad audio will break you." And we can move on...
And full circle to your over all approach. It's good. Most "welcome" intro's do some form of advertisement or a "what to expect here" kind of thing, but you started with the point that you're nothing like your competition. You don't plan to upload regularly, and basically hint at "zero f---s given".... But it was just an approach.
Honestly, this thing has real potential, especially the bit of making fun of the advertisement style and the whole "begging" attitude... I'd like to see you stretch this out a bit and really take the risk. Sure, you risk scaring potential viewers off, but with the work and time put into the channel, I don't think they'll be gone for long, because IT'S FUNNY...
"...What's the difference between this and about any of these other animators? Only that I won't be uploading except when I feel like it. You won't get to influence what I want to draw. I rarely read comments because they're cancer anyways... And I seriously just don't give a single F... If I haven't offended or scarred you for life yet, don't sweat. You're either permanently that way, or I will soon enough for both of us..."
I don''t know... Maybe you don't want to start out quite that strong, but it could be hilarious if you did. The point is that comedy is an art of taking risks. Just as easily as you can endear fans and have them rolling in the aisles, you can piss anyone and everyone off... BUT all the greats warn, "You're not a professional comic until you've died on stage." It happens, and every great comedian and comedy writer has been through it. Getting back up and working out how and why the "act" went down in flames so they can improve instead of melting down and quitting in a shit-storm of foul language and hostility is what separates greats from everybody else.
I think you can manage another minute (maybe?) worth of build up in this "pitch" for your channel. And it's okay if you don't rush right out to push boundaries and get all the content at once. You should probably only leave your first "welcome to my channel" thing up for about the first year... Then surprise everyone and change it, archiving the original... That way, you can always have a welcome message up for the newb's and keep it kind of snazzy for the subscribers and return shoppers to see something different once in a while... Anyways... It's all just some thoughts... Hope it helps...
Don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on... :o)

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Sofart responds:

I honestly love these types of feedback, and I really appreciate all the great critics you've given me. Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips, I'll keep them in mind. :)