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Our hero wants to get on Sexovision and it looks like he has good chances to do it! The only thing he doesn't know where and when he is supposed to pass through.

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I'm going to try to be kind yet fair on this review.

The animations aren't terrible but they aren't great either. I would suggest not having the the animation just circle jerk like a locomotive action actually have it change during a blowjob or something.
Most of the pictures are pretty good but could use some more facial animations. The only one that really stood out as bad was when you cum on the two girls faces and the girl on the right was just trollish I felt like shooting the cum all over her just so I didn't have to see it.
The options are great for if you just want to roll through something without thinking about it. Most games these days give you an option of which animation you want to see and where you want the cum. Personally I'm a deepthroat cum in throat man myself and partial to anal.

Lastly the sound effects. You need new ones and please if its a blowjob scene I don't want to be able to hear her moan as if her mouth is open if she's choking on the dick it just takes me out of the moment when watching it.

So all in all still good just not really good or great.

The good:

- The girls are mostly hot and seemed very open-minded about sex. I like that.
- It's porn.

The so-so:

- Nonsensical story. Not that it's rare in pr0n games, but I think this one took the cake.
- Acceptable but somewhat lackluster art.

The bad:

- Dissapointing and nonsensical ending. Is the guy so hungry that he would go to Eurovision just to get tomatoes thrown at him?
- Painful lack of options. No anal sex, no chance of cumming inside the girls, and there were only two scenes with the gal at the end! Why not three, like with the rest?
- A few typos here and there.

Overall: Not as bad as some would say, but it DOES need improving.

The detail on the penis and eyes in the third scene is literally the only part of this I can positively comment on. Needs far more work on every other aspect. Your flash pieces don't even really join together.

....the fuck did I just watch? ...and why? A talentless hack wants to be on TV so he randomly fucks beautiful women and gets what he wants? Only in porn would such an idea even be conceived.

you should learn basic everything before you start making porn fam