Seer & Castle Preview / Prototype

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Author Comments

This is a prototype / preview and runs in a similar vein to 'Don't Forget the Bard!'

The intent of the initial run is to test for visual issues of the text as well as hotspots on mobile. If you find any bugs, sound, or visual issues, please let me know.

Seer and Castle will be a visual-novel-RPG game in HTML5 format. The adventure follows a young king and his seer who search the lands and form a strategy to bring peace while defeating their enemies and sealing the gate to the darkness
that follows them.


Background Art by Minikle

Character Art by Blue Forest

Background Music by Kannaduki

UI Screen by http://dycha.net

Fantasy Icon Pack by Ravenmore https://opengameart.org/content/fantasy-icon-pack-by-ravenmore-0 http://dycha.net

Fantasy RPG Consumable Item Icons by yinakoSGA https://opengameart.org/users/yinakosga

Animations by Daniel Eddeland https://opengameart.org/content/extended-lpc-magic-pack

Explosion Animation by Jetrel https://opengameart.org/content/explosion-animations

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Its a very nice story. The game and story have so much potential. Even without the sexual content it could be awesome. But the sexual content does add another layer of fun. I just hope it holds up to a fraction of the potential i see for it right now.

hotdogtopus responds:


Good game however, it freezes anytime I click off the game screen. Otherwise this game has much potential.

hotdogtopus responds:

Thanks! Will look for a fix.

it has potential you need to add health bars and exp bars.

hotdogtopus responds:

There will be no experience points. The progression revolves around recruiting, gathering, and making alliances. Surprised about health bars just because the HP is not going to be too high for any character.

I wish the text could move faster, or be skipped. I'm impatient. It's interesting how magic depletes health, but I feel MP is still better...

hotdogtopus responds:

Sure. The RPG aspect is a bit minor in this game because the focus is on making choices to destroy the other kingdoms.

I really hate how sometimes in some games you have to have sex with one of the characters even if you don't like them because the game doesn't give you a choice. It was just a bunch of text with 2 characters and all you could do was to click to continue with the text. No real gameplay was involved. It would also be nice if you added some choices like being able to reject to have sex with that woman in the end of this demo.

hotdogtopus responds:

This is a preview.