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Alex (Working Title)

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Arrows to move, Z to jump, X to speed up, C to change characters.

Some game I decided to make out of my engine (https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/166486960/). It is still a W.I.P, so there is no story yet. If you can think up of a title and story, let me know in the comments. That would really help me.

Credit to the creators of Chip's Challenge, Trog and Super Mario Land 1/2 for the music.

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This is a fun game! It controls nice, and it has good physics! However, I'd recommend that you add a character select (if you know how) and maybe give the enemies better design.

alexparr2006 responds:

Thank you, InkNimations! I will see about the character select. I am oficially calling the first world "Simpleland".

having tiny maps to transition constantly instead of 1 long level is pretty annoying. the transitions arent that bad but doing them constantly is. it feels like i have to stop playing for 1 second for every 2 seconds of gameplay

alexparr2006 responds:

I tried scrolling once on a Bonk engine I was making, it did not turn out well. Think of it like this: You are running towards a wall. When you run into the wall, you get teleported on top of the wall. If the wall goes all the way to the top of the screen and you run into it, the game lllaaagggsss sssuuupppeeerrr ssslllooowww... That's why I chose this Megaman-styled scrolling system.

Good job. maybe if you could turn down the audio of game <3

alexparr2006 responds:

You can change the volume on the computer, but either way, I can't do so. I am banned on Scratch.

How'd you upload a Scratch project here? Otherwise it's a fantastic beta!

alexparr2006 responds:

I used this https://junebeetle.github.io/converter/
Also, thanks!

Your game is not bad. Just keep working on it. I can tell you put in effort.

alexparr2006 responds:

Thank you, but I got banned on Scratch.