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hahaha that was nice

Ебля удавки.

i've learned something, i don't know what
it's not how to tie a noose tho

First, wasn't sure I'd endorse a tutorial about a "noose" in the first place. Yes, I know how to tie the thing. No, it's not difficult or complicated. So... This should've been maybe a three minute schpeel about a knot on the end of a rope. You could even throw in a few tropes about the legends of "thirteen wraps" or some other BS... and give a decent tutorial... In which case I could only point out the disturbing possibility that you're attempting to teach about (and thereby encourage) either murder (lynching) or suicide... BUT no.... This wasn't that.
Second, it's not even instructional. This is a set of stock motions and cycles with no intrinsic value at all. Sure, you stayed on topic (a step above zero) with the focus always being related to the noose, but there isn't so much as an approach to drag-and-drop cycle animations, frame switching, key-frames and tweens, or even a mention of what fractals were employed (even in the description)... So nothing to the tutorial concept...
Finally, I have one (count it) one positive thing to say about this. The animation was fluid. AND that's it.
I've been known to carry on ad-nauseam about audio, making it clean, using it carefully, making even the score compliment the action and atmosphere intended within the scene... But this was a stock score pasted to the animation and cut to fit. Nothing special, no effort, no real work done. While I'd love to point out and give real feedback to what would greatly improve your work with the least excessive and possibly wasted efforts, you kind of have to put forth work for me to do that. I'll give a star just for accomplishing something that wasn't an absolute disaster... :o)

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Jul 28, 2017
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