Monster Ambassador: v0.3.4

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Episode 3: The story begins!
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We're always working on the next segment of Monster Ambassador to include new monsters & features. We want to know what you like, so leave a comment of what you want to see next.


Don't forget to check out our Patreon! You can vote on which monsters should be in the next update, view extra uncensored versions of monsters in-game, and receive cheat codes for gold & progress bonuses!

Update notes:
• All-new minigame!
• Meet the royals: Slime Queen Quest available!
• A short new song has been added
• Something stirs in the world...
+ Fixed the infamous layering bug that presented multiple monster sprites in battle
+ Fixed a bug that caused an invisible Lamia to appear with no health
+ Fixed a bug that allowed you to spam the heal button at the end of battles
+ Fixed a bug that disabled the 'Run' button after your first attack

Patch Notes:
+ Additional game compression

+ 'Episodes' are now called 'Versions' to clarify that you don't need to play the original uploads first!
+ Rats needed to complete the Rat Run minigame has been lowered to 80

+ Rats needed to complete Rat Run has been lowered to 70
+ Fire rate of your bow in Rat Run has been increased
+ Max rat speed in Rat Run has been lowered


Alright so I have to kill 70 rats but how am I supposed to do that, the crossbow moves too slow for me to move to either side to kill the rats moving at the speed of light.

Really good game!
It would be cool that every area haves a different song, Also I'll like to see in the future a village or something with brand new mobs and characters
Keep It Up!

I liked the gender option on the game..

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wait. so i have to play the older version in order to understand the story???

Kiwi-Melon responds:

Each version contains all the old content, with more content added. No need to go backwards!


Good concept, good art, and I don't notice the monsters fusing together like they used to (although to be honest, I've only played the 'females-only' version of this, er, version; maybe the bug is in the other versions). I appreciate the changes to Rat Run.

Some thoughts:

--Rat Run is relaxing for a bit and a good way to raise money, but I wonder if you could expand it a tad to make the game deeper. Upgrades for your crossbow? Support from Slime People troops if you've got a good relationship with them?

--Question: is there a way to bring healing potions with you? I'm honestly not sure if this is what the 'heal' button does; sometimes it works when I've bought enough potions to get me up to health, and sometimes it doesn't. I ask because it gets tiring to run back to the merchant every time you get into a bruising fight with an Octolady.

--Could there be some sort of codex entry available for the monsters prior to capture? (I mean, surely the initial 'ambassador' must have done _something_ before taking a nap with his dick out.)I ask because, in the case of the Octolings, figuring out how to please them is very much trial and error, and I could use a few clues.

--In-universe question: why am I still fighting, say, slimes when I've made peace with them?

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2.97 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2017
5:11 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG