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QUICK ERROR FIX: If you go to school with exactly 2,00$ you will be stuck at the lunch for ever. So reload your game and before going to school buy a Ramen, that will put your money at 0,00$ and will allow you to progress at school.

Meet Chloe,
After having her dream destroy she decide to change her live around, you have full control f how she does that...

13 full scenes most have more than one animation on it and several smaller scenes
Game is fully playable,
Achievements are working
Game is still on development, but it’s already bigger and with more contented then a lot of finished games out there.

For offline version (windows) go here: https://goo.gl/DGwn1V

For next update date and what is coming next: https://goo.gl/RkYHyG

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If there was a hospital would Chole go into preventing a pregnancy would she cry?

I'm at Friday 22 have finished school & am about to enter the diner when the game starts flickering. Help

enjoyable game thought I have found that the little menu in the top right hand corner is no longer there after a load.

I would really like to see this game finished, including the spelling and grammar errors.
The music should be different, most of it is just annoying, especially the track that plays while you're at school.
It doesn't make sense to me that Chloe can be a "slut" when she has only slept with 6 dudes, a slut by definition sleeps with anyone and is in the double digits. Chloe is also unbelievably gullible and dense, but it's just a game.

I cannot tell if I have done everything available in this build. This is my laundry list of progress:

- The jocks have invited Chloe to the party, but there is no party.
- Did the dirty at the changing room on the beach, then it seems to partially repeat.
- Can't progress with cheerleaders further than competition with third girl, it just repeats with no scene.
- Chloe won't befriend Beth.
- Can keep stealing money from boys locker. Cannot find third underwear, black jock doesn't wear any.
- Talking with Carrie has gotten to suggesting talking about hot stuff at Carrie's home later, but that never actually happens.
- Talking with pizza girl at "not-Walmart" never progresses.
- After first detention there no further occurrences no matter how many times Chloe sleeps in class.
- Can't do anything with Chloe's phone.
- Chatting with Suzie has provided the option to go to work without underwear.
- Otaku will now buy Chloe's underwear.
- Nothing changes with the Biker.
- Climbed the rocks on the beach, nothing new after first successful attempt.
- Did the dirty on the bus.

- Prude/Slut gauge is full "slut," and all three abilities are maxed, dance level is over 100, and it's day 81.

Am I missing anything to progress further? Or is this all that is available?

first of all the words in the game need to be redone to sound correct half a star until I see that improvement