[niiCri] Source Man - Chapters of The Beginning

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*To get pass The Cooking mini-game (part 3) You need hold right-click on the Pan and then move your mouse up . The omelet egg should be 'flip' and wait until you see the golden stars again.

Hi , I'm niiCri ! , First I'm not good with English so Please feel free to patient my engrish :')

The game has content 2 H-scene and 3 F-scene . And you need about 30-50 min to end these 4 chapter (Beginning Chapters).

*Suggest you to use the save function because it's still has many buggy in this game T - T . Else please enjoin the game !

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The First Girl Is Meiko Shiraki From Prison School But Over All It's An Ok Game

got a bit of problem. after i finish the cooking and the cleaning and go to bed and wake up too the noise, im stcuk on the stairwell and cant doo anyting just restart the game, i see a red trangle but i cant cilck it no matter what i do can i get some help?

niiCri responds:

you can press W , S , A , D to walk in the Bird Eyes View mode.
sry , I'm forgot to add some instruction on this one.

how to save

Seems there's an issue with the dialog boxes cutting off, as a few of the conversations don't make sense. Maybe cut some of the blocks into smaller pieces to display in sequence, or make the text smaller so more fits inside the box... Or find a way to actually use up the box. Maybe a scrolling text-box.

how to save