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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

CougarX-teaser (NSFW)

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public teaser!

on a side note, the SFX are.... nt the best, we still looking for some one that can make them, wink

we are also working on a web version to later post it here(hopefully next month, but for now its download only.

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On the one hand, large bouncing breasts are sorta standard. On the other, these remind me of a lopsided propeller about to rip itself free. Maybe some slight movement between the two so they aren't swinging around as one solid mass. And slow down, checked my video twice to make sure it wasn't accidentally playing in fast forward.
Also could use a touch on the story. Random chick randomly beating up random mooks isn't really a story I can invest in. I understand is still development, but a bare bones idea at least gives me a framework.
In all, shows promise, but still lots of room to fail in.

Erotic animations during combat would add a lot to the experience. Like if an enemy grabs the character an animation could trigger if you don't escape in time. A lot of hentai beat em ups have this mechanic.

A beat-em up with choppy animation transitions, bad sfx and slow gameplay, promoted with pixelated jiggly boobs and optional dick-rubbing scenes... Yeah I don't know

The combo system sounds promising, but so far it only looks like you can select some moves, without the ability to actually combo them in any meaningful way.
This sounds super negative, but it's up to you to disregard me, or take the criticism and turn it into something positive.

Goodluck (Y)

This looks amazing! The animation is smooth and it looks like a fun beat-em-up style game.

A couple of things: It's normal to have unrealistic breast physics in pornographic content, but her bounce is WAY overboard - she's slightly moving side to side and her breasts are bouncing up and down like she's on a trampoline! The jiggle looks great when she's doing her attacks, though.

Another thing is the backgrounds: while they look fantastic, it's a bit too static. Seeing the leaves on bushes and trees slightly blowing, having some background animations like birds or even just having the light rays fade in and out would help tremendously with the overall aesthetic of the game. I know it's a work-in-progress, so hopefully these things can be addressed!

Looking forward to the release! :)

It looks really fun to play can we get a teaser of all the character that you have plans or even like beginning story for some of the characters.