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SO, yeah. Here's another. It's been a while.

Ill be honest, it's pretty much impossible to find the time to do this kind of stuff, i have so much planned but just dont have the time or money at all.. (SEGWAY)

SO, now i have a patreon. If you like the kind of stuff you've seen and want to see more like it, just drop in one buck a month. That kind of money you'd spend on the homeless in a month too.. or a cheese burger, neither of which can get your dick hard. unless you've got some weird fetishes. Hell, pay me enough and ill animate it.

so go like my pateron if you want to see more better quality animations and hopefully down the line, actual story based games:

For those wondering about the music, here's where i get it all from:

P.S. That 'cum in' animation, is probably the best thing i've ever done.

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dude 100% loving the aesthetic comin outta you! wonderful music, interesting ideas for your animations, AND the animations are looking better every time you post them! (although i've only seen two, bookmarked leigh a long time ago and just found you again today.) as soon as i get some cash, its patron time baby!

whats the music in the background?

SuitedFox responds:

here's the soundcloud i get it from, its on there along with other things ill use in future animations:


welp that was great

I like it! The arm/hands of the person receiving is a little wonky, but it's not too distracting. Digging the music, too!

Glad to see SuitedFox alive and kicking. Decent start for an upcoming animator. I will say, you captured the background of a realistic car lol As a person that used to edit sounds for animations, the sounds you used for the oral sex like the stroking were pretty impressive. Personally wasn't too big a fan of the "cum in" animation, only because it looked excessively rough, I should say? So it was kind of unexpected and felt different from the overall mood. I will say this, you get points for creativity, and I get this sense of a real-life/immersive atmosphere I typically don't see with most animations, enough to where your art is worth investing in and seeing more of :) Thanks for sharing, SuitedFox :D

SuitedFox responds:

see that's a response i can get behind. pun intended. Thanks for the feed back, good things to keep in mind honestly. Yeah sound was a bitch but tried to make it sound right to how it looked, so thanks for noticing. Probable will do more of these, doubt there'll be any more for another 2 months cause patreons will get it a month early now..

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Jul 27, 2017
2:11 PM EDT