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Color Switch: Challenges

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Author Comments

In collaboration with Fortafy Games we present a new edition of the official web version of the popular app game Color Switch, Color Switch: Challenges

What's new?
- 32 brand new levels
- Level based game mode
- Progress tracker so you can stop and continue playing whenever you like

Enjoy all of the colourful action on a PC, tablet, or laptop.

Better yet, cast this version onto your TV for the biggest Color Switch experience possible and try to finish all the Challenges one by one!

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lmao you cant even play the game

This game is so simple and one dimensional that it is not much fan, but it is also somehow mind numbingly addicting in a way that doesn't let you put it away with ease. I ended up finishing all the levels, altrough it was more for the sake of challenge then actual fun.

My base score for the simplistic and boring yet addicting and challenging gameplay would be 3 stars.

From this I must substract one star for midgame ads.

And then I must substract one star for full version being available only in mobile. I just don't like mobile gaming. Why can't computer players play the full version? Especially since the game has ads anyway so it is already commercialized and developers earn money anyway? Minus one star for no full version for actual computers.

Final score - one star. Sorry.

I love the fidget spinner mode on ios. calms me down, nice game for young kids and old kids. Only problem is, it stays at the loading screen, when it's at 95%. Have the game on my iPhone, never regretted it since. Fortafy has made the most addicting game I could ever find.

I own the full version of Color Switch on my Android phone, which I play on a daily basis, so I'm more than familiar with the game. I decided to try out this port just to see if there were any differences. I frankly don't understand the inclusion of ads in a web port. Just why? The mobile version itself is already pretty aggressive on ads and you need to pay a small amount just to get rid of them. I think the web port itself is an effective advertisement for the full version given that it pretty much behaves like a demo. Why including ads in a web port demo of a full game available on a different platform? I think it discourages people from even trying out the game on mobile. For a demo, it's how you would expect to behave. Just a handful of levels with pretty much the same mechanics as the full version. Performance may dip sometimes depending on many factors i.e. the website's own ads, though I didn't find it to be a major issue.
Despite the fact that I really enjoy the full version on mobile, I feel forced to lower the score on this demo for the aforementioned reasons. It's an otherwise well made game.

Descent timewaster. Biggest problem is performance. It runs very slow.

JoepvanDuinen responds:

Hi Patworik,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing a slow performance, haven't heart it before. Can you please share your browser type in a PM so we can look into it?

Thanks in advance!

Joep and the Poki team