Hot as Hell (Alpha 0.16)

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Hot as Hell is a dating sim placed in a vision of hell inhabited by Humans, Demons, and Chimeras. Because of questionable morality of his neighbors, the main character might struggle with problems of discrimination, dishonesty, and cruelty around him. However, his mission (to take over the current Devil) requires him to unite as many individuals as he can.

In this update, we added one new female character, the wholesale store with items which can improve your chamber and the indicator of our planned dating system.From now on, you can also set your initial stats. At last, we deleted the flashing effect at the end of all sex scenes.

Please contact us if you found any little bug during the game or if you want to share your thoughts, what could we improve.

Most of the music used in the game was made by:

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I maxed the reputation for human and demon, but it seems impossible for chimera. I think that will open in the sacred fire next update, then if you max it then you can get to the lower ring. There is a bit to much grind in this game if you ask me. A glitch in the game is that the decorations show up sometimes even if you haven't bought them. Overall great concept.

I had a problem, had sex with the chimera, the girl of arena, Ebola, and the two humans but i don´t had the respect for the 3 clans to advance, i buy all te items, what i should do i try su much but i don´t know what to do :(

Some bugs but is a great game :D

there is one major bug i found. The date glitch. its happens when you enter a date with someone and then click anywhere on the screen except the date location. this causes the sex scene to play however upon completion reloads the date menu without the selected character. then if you click through the date again it will freeze the game. i found this can also happen at the end of the day with similar circumstances. however i havent pinned down the causes to that one. a minor bug i found is with ebola-chan. there is no cum scene. the slow mo occurs but persists.

Why is ebola-chan from yandare sim here?

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3.18 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2017
8:18 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating