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It was made to look like something on a Macintosh. Hence the name MunchMAC.
Oh, and if you were wondering, think of this as Pac-Man for a Macintosh but in an alternate Earth where Pac-Man was instead Munch.


TBH, this is better. The map design is weird, the ghosts don't have AI, the ghosts won't run away during a power up, the sounds are off and weird. Why is Pinky replaced with Linky? Why does the game just reset when you win without a fanfare or anything? It's all a bit off. Also, I prefer the map to be designed so you can win without power pellets. I do, however, like the tile grid physics, which are true to the original.

alexparr2006 responds:

It's green because of quote on quote "Color Limitations".

Jee, now I feel like I should upload MunchMAC+.

Nice recreation and i love it , just an idea make that every time they go faster or anything that make game harder . graphics are little poor and its only 1 map.

alexparr2006 responds:

The graphics are poor, but it sticks to the retro style of the original Pac-Man. And it's meant to fit something you see on, say, a Macintosh Color Classic.
And it does have one map, the reason is that the original Pac-Man has one map.

Nothing too new or interesting about a Pac-Man clone. I'm impressed you manage to code the game using Scratch and I'm not entirely familiar with Scratch but I believe you can program the ghost to chase you around - as the ones in your game mindlessly roam the board. I hope to see original content from you but this is a good start to learn how to program a game.

alexparr2006 responds:

Thanks! I have been on Scratch for 4 years now, and heck, this is one of the best things I made on the website!

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Jul 26, 2017
12:36 PM EDT
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