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I hope you all enjoy. Please feel free to leave any comments and I will get back to you :). Have a great day everyone!


Nice video i wanted to watch till the end lol this was a little different but i enjoyed your story. Keep animating and posting! I think this community is where you should be cuz we aren't going to tell you to stop animating lol but work on that animation it needs to get better

kingrab responds:

Hey thanks for the comment ^^. The animation will get better in time hopefully. Its also because I am aiming to release weekly videos. However once I can do this full time....(if i ever get that chance) I will be able to work more on the details.

This is an engaging and heartening story--also a cautionary tale for those in the teaching profession. It's good that professor got sacked. I guess he never watched "Paprika" or "Patema Inverted," among many other masterpieces of Japanese anime that I categorize as art. They share vibrancy and meticulous attention to detail rivaling Japan's most celebrated "fine" artists. Pity that teacher failed to see the connection and further the artistic ambitions of an eager pupil.

Congrats to the author on getting back into one's true passion and sharing this story.

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kingrab responds:

hey thanks for the supportive message. Really helps me out with the confidence thing :D. It is a shame a lot of teachers dont like Anime and such because there is some really good work out there. Spirited away? come on! its great!

Well done, the drawings are pretty simple... but thats understandable when you are doing animation (especially if you draw frame by frame).
Keep the good work n_n.

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kingrab responds:

Hey thanks for the message. Im glad you enjoyed the video. Hopefully you can make it back to see next weeks video!

I really like this vlog of yours :) It was very well-made

Your voice is clear, the animations went pretty well with the video and I didn't necessarily have the feeling that I was starting at the exact same image for ever. The idea itself is also not toooo boring so you can kind off keep on watching.

One of the biggest downsides (and) upsides of the video is probably the length. Well.. there are some people who love longer animations and really appreciate it, but I think that most of the people like to keep it short and straight. I would suggest to make something up to 6 minutes, unless you want to make a special video that's a bit longer, this is of course fine.
Also, a bit mOrE animations that go with the video would be appreciated.

Anyways, I hope I could show you the unique sides of your video and also some of the downs. Just keep going and creating animations, you seem to have a lot of potential! ;^)

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kingrab responds:

Hi there and a big thank you for that feed back. That was extremely useful. I will do what you said as I totally agree about using more animation for certain parts.

My biggest problem is that I am aiming to release a new video every week so I end up running low on time because of my job ^^"

I'll look into making some shorter animations too as I dont want it to have the feeling of dragging out.

Thanks again!

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Jul 26, 2017
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