The Rescue of Mermaids [Teaser]

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The Rescue of Mermaids is an 18+ NSFW 2D side-scrolling platformer, where you play as Garry, a human-looking creature who possesses a curse that turns him into octopus, to keep himself in human form he needs to be aroused, and for that he has a small harem with 3 mermaids who are his companions of adventures and love.

One day Garry was relaxing when a horrifying creature appeared and captured all the mermaids at once, leaving Garry alone. Now he must seek and release his companions if he wishes to freely enjoy the human form again.

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Ok, i finished the game and it is good, but really unfair, if at least your attack was something more interesting and you had more lifes (like 3 hits to die) it would have been better. The games is very stressfull, the only thing that kept me going was the 18+ scenes

Very Fun Game I love the art! The H scenes are hot as well. Please make the full version!

ok man cmon the boss fight is insane, and not even rewarding.

You know, most platforming games will have floaty controls as a criticism. Designing an entire game around floaty controls will not end well. It's incredibly frustrating to play when it feels like the controls as fighting against you. Not to mention that some of those enemies move faster than you do. And for the boss, well that just needs a complete redesign. Also that rock falling attack apparently has a chance to cover the whole screen, without giving you a way to dodge it.

Jesus Christ this game needs work. Game style is great, it looks cute and works for what it tries to do, but the controls suck, which is a glaring problem when it's the main part of the game. And don't get me started on the boss. Why you are only able to shoot bubbles up, I don't know, but it sure makes beating the boss near damn impossible. After all my years, I never thought that the most painfully difficult fight I'd encounter would be the first boss in a platformer-maze hybrid. Add directional attacks, make the octopus much less floaty and hard to control, and fix the rng and massive health bar of the boss, and the game would be an indeffinite 5 star. As it stands, though, find something else to fap to, this isn't worth the pain.

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2.31 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2017
9:08 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other