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Fridge Wars!

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Author Comments

Save Mikuru from being splashed by Milk by the evil Chicken Legs and Cheeses, try not to get fucking killed.
Move Left and Right with the mouse and press X to shoot magical orbs.

I made this like 1,000 years ago on that fucking Game Maker thing, I think I was the only one that bothered to use it. This was meant to be the first gamemaker game submitted to NG but I got beaten by 30 mins by someone who had already been making a zombie game prior to the NG specific .swf release. Although this was based on a Gamemaker game I made but never finished way back in 2004 anyway, and that game was based on Chicken Invaders and Fridgeland from Ed Edd 'n Eddy.

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Simple game here it was notbad, I think you could build onto this like a better backround, and some better falling objects, and a while sleeker interface, but I did like the simplistic about it and was fun a good time waster if ever bored but this was a fun game here.

I think you could build onto this like a better backround, and some better falling objects, and a while sleeker interface


How do I shoot milk or open mouth for a bit or something cause there is way to much milk to doge love the idea though! just needs some action upgradeS


it's funny to play for a while but after playing it feels a little repetitive
You can easily win points with shooting nonstop (i obtained 4.439)
it feels weird without music or backrounds...
But anyways it isn't a bad game at all
if you do a Bullet Hell or something like that i would play it

Rummy0 responds:

Look at my profile it has links to more old submissions, I made a touhou game.

nice game, interesting story, decent layout(it could use more details on the background/on the enemies/a more nicely drawn menu screen), and a good gameplay, yet i would prefer it if the enemies didnt spam their milk-shots at me so much...
it was hard to beat them!
i had to (also) spam my shots at them as well, and it turned out as a hard match to win, since i lost with ~4200 points...

all in all though, it was good. the game was functional, the story was good, and the controls were nice, while the anime theme in it was cute...(even tho i could use some more explaining about the backstory of the game-characters...)

good work, keep it up!

Rummy0's 1000 year old game, Fridge Wars, is the equivalent of a vegetable. It's a flash game that can only breath on its deathbed and only the author knows what it could've been. Reasonably worth 1 star because without a doubt, programming a flash game is difficult. Obviously the game is not finish and probably won't be finish by the dirty look of the game but it's something I wouldn't mind seeing improved and could pass off as a humorous game if it uses original art. Anyhow, okay job on your game.

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2.35 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2017
1:08 PM EDT