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This is a puzzle game made in Unity. The player is presented with a labyrinth, composed of black squares, which represent walls, white squares, which represent pathways, a blue square, which the player controls and a red square.
The objective is very simple: the player has to move the blue square until he or she reaches the red square.
The heart of the game is the maze-creation algorithm, which was inspired from Prim's algorithm, a greedy algorithm in graph theory which takes a weighed undirected graph as input and outputs a minimum spanning tree of said graph. Because of the nature of this game, the actual implemented algorithm looks nothing like Prim's algorithm, but instead revolves around a few observations about the nature of 2D mazes. This is why the pathways in the maze actually form a tree. This means that between any 2 points, there is only 1 path.
The game controls are : w,a,s,d (or the arrow keys) to move; = and - to zoom in and out; r to go back to the main menu

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Nice simple idea to kill some time.
Sadly I got an Out of Memory error while generating the second level in "Impossible" mode.

Legion121 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! After a bit of debugging, I managed to fix it.

Not only is the game as basic as can be, there's really no real way to lose this. There's no punishment if you go a wrong way, there's no time limit and there's no reward. Not only that, but the higher levels completely can lag out your computer's browser while they're trying to spawn in. I crashed my browser trying to play the impossible levels.

Very laggy and almost no skill involved.

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2017
2:49 PM EDT