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Lord Dominator x D-Bot | Loop (18+)

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The exaggerated perspective was a bit of stretch for me, but a good one. :D

It's Lord Dominator riding a D-Bot. ...you get it... it's a... ā€œDā€ -bot...


Get out, all of you.


Working on weekly animated loops--check it out in these cool places:

Tumblr [https://melie-k.tumblr.com]
Twitter [https://twitter.com/MelieConieK]
HF [http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/melie-k/]
Picarto.tv [https://picarto.tv/melieconiek]

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wouldn't that burn her as their made of sentient magma

Could use less data and be shorter. But who cares.

Why wander over yonder?

Killing it

Very smooth, and the perspective is done very well!!

The biggest problem I see is that she doesn't seem to be moving around on the penis - she's just going with the thrust, so it looks like it's thrusting at nothing while she clings on in one place. The sexy expression and pleasant visuals make up for that though, I think.

Great work, looking forward to seeing more! :)