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Five strangers find themselves trapped in an abandoned hotel that’s set to collapse in 24 hours. To escape alive, they'll have to solve their captor’s riddles and unravel the mystery behind their abduction.

Exit/Corners is an episodic adventure featuring visual novel story segments and riddle-based puzzles. New episodes are released every week.

For more information, check out the official website:

For news & announcements, follow Exit/Corners on Twitter:

For detailed discussion and bug reports, hop on over to the subreddit:

*IMPORTANT* - if you're experiencing issues with save data, please let me know. You can use "O" + "P" + "E" + "N" to unlock all available episodes without having to play through them, or you can use the Catch-Up Tool on the main site to re-make all of your choices in about a minute. Details on the Catch-Up Tool can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExitCorners/comments/90ytdz/exitcorners_version_124_patch_notes_known_issues/

*IMPORTANT (2)* - some users are reporting that the load screen takes a few seconds to show up; you may need to give it a sec.

Final note: You can use the scroll wheel or arrow keys to comb through the backlog (previously-read messages).

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Wow, I really enjoyed this! Very thought provoking

Only five minutes in, and I can already see that this takes clear, and heavy inspiration from Zero Escape, 999 in particular. I'm not in love with the art style, but that might just be because I'm partial to anime. The art is good, just not for me. Still gonna keep playing though. I want to see where this is going.

I don't know why I've never left a review here...

Sooo: The game is awesome, the story itself is quite good, and many unexpected things happen. Without going into detail, I hate when the main characters have some kind of magical aura that prevents their death. It makes the reader to care less as they don't have to worry about the heroes. Now here there is no such thing. And it's a big positive for me.

I still think the end ending is pretty cliché, but other than that I'd read/watch/consume/live this story in any other form if there was a non-game version. (Obviously the quizes would not work which is a shame, I love good puzzles.)

Now I have a few minor complaints (other than the ending):

- The partioned relese. I hate it! (Now it's not a problem as the game is fully released, but I hated waiting for every new episode...)

- The standings does not mean anything. (Or I haven't realized yet.)

- The choices does not mean anything. (At least nothing major. I know it's a lot of work and the more far-reaching the branches are the less every player will experience, but I like when my choices matter.)

- The music is pretty boring, there are only a handful of tracks. So I've listened quite a few albums on Bandcamp while playing this game :D

Pretty much this is it. The game was awesome, and however there could have been minor improvements (with the animations or I dunno, other languages?), I enjoyed every second of it! Great job!

I love the game! The character art is lovely and matches the rooms well, and the characters seem to be really well thought out. I like the puzzles, which are really good at making me actually stop and think for a moment. I also like how, (warning, mini-spoiler) when talking to sent, you are forced to choose the green door. I mean, yes, I did want to choose the red door, but putting the fact that he refuses to listen on there really solidifies his/her character. I like the soundtrack and how it amplifies or decreases depending on the situation (I mean, thats what they're supposed to do). It's a solid game, and currently my suspects for Sent are Tina or Mr. Thatcher. I'm only on episode 16 though. Can't wait to see more from this game.

Why won't the music play though? I've checked the settings and everything is alright.