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♪ The Afterlust ♪

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Update: Holy Shit 1,000 views and daily 4th place! Thanks so much!!

Thank you so much, Finn M-K for letting me use your song for this music video!
Check Finn M-K out

Do you want your music video animated? contact me or PM me! Email - musicdazzledyt@gmail.com

I would also like to thank Mclelun for letting me use some of his background art! - http://www.mclelun.com/

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very basic quality animation, improvements could be made here and there.
most of the backgrounds just look like screenshots from anime movies or games, which isn't that creative imho.

its at least good to change the way they look a little if they are pre-rendered backgrounds, even throwing a tree in and fading it to match could be an improvement in background quality!
basic character outlines are a good thing to practice with but i wouldn't use them in an actual animation personally, they just look weird. practice makes perfect!