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Good Morning

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A short film about the loving relationship between my senior dog, Balto, and my puppy, Leela. With a guest appearance by Zuli the cat

RIP Balto

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I liked the backgrounds.
It had a heartwarming story.

The animation was good but not amazing.

I didn't like Balto and Leela's charcter designs. They looked weird to me.

this is pretty nice, it kinda reminds me of secret life of pets in some way. sorry about your dog's death tho q.q

KingJazmo responds:

Thank you! And I can definitely see that lol

Well this was just wonderful, it almost had a disney like quality to it. I really enjoyed your style of animation, and the background colors shifting to fit the mood was a nice touch. The audio fit well and I have to say that nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like dogs. Best of wishes to you and Balto

KingJazmo responds:

I'm very happy you liked it! Thank you so much

Brilliant animation, contrast, emotion, and use of perspective. The animation may be a bit smoother if you used more frames, though--that's all I can say for criticism. This was such a wonderful way to honor Balto. :)

KingJazmo responds:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this

Great use of squash and stretch, really dynamic piece. On top of an emotional story with just a morsel or two of humor, overall pretty great.