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(Short) Madness Smoking

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Don't Smoke or This will happen!
Music By: Djjaner

Now I know, this is SPAM! its short because I just wanted to get this done.

2 Days it took to make this
I feel sad now :(


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Oh shit who was that talking?!? The guy who was smashed??!

Shadz64 responds:

No, Me just saying I'm pretty busy with "other things" (aka animation type stuff and real life also)

wut m8?

How are you? I dont remember

Shadz64 responds:

How are you? Do you mean "Who"? and plus I'm fine

that was deimos littel brother whos dead now xD

Shadz64 responds:

yeah xD

Yeah I know that 'very busy' feel, friendo... Fun cartoon :3

Shadz64 responds:

Atleast you feel my pain. xD