Abandoned Hunting Escape

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You find this abandoned place and decide to give it a try. Unluckily the house was locked once you entered it.. the only way is to use your escape skills to solve the mystery and unlock the puzzles. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Gameplay is alright. I didn't expect that I had to open a broken mobile phone with a tiny tool.

Backgrounds are nice and music is nice. Game is short and a bit too easy. The clue that numbers equal letters was unnecessary, player should guess that on his own.

I did not enjoy this game very much. In fact I didn't enjoy the gameplay at all.
Yes, you caught my attention with the environment. No, it doesn't get you a better rating.
This game is really boring in my opinion.

It's kind of a cool game, but there is place for improvement.

First of all, there is waaaaay too much details in the images, which makes it extremely hard to tell what is clickable. Very basic drawings would be prefeered in this type of game.
Secondly, the "lights" that you have to click seems to serve no purpose. They're not particularly annoying to me, but it just feels pointless and out of the game.
Third, many puzzles are poorly made, such as the thing with letters and numbers that is way too easy for that kind of game.

It's overall not so bad, if it was in your first submissions I would say that kind of result is expected. But I've seen you've made yourself a template that you re-use by simply changing the theme; I remember playing the same thing, but in a submarine. I don't have a very big problem with that kind of practice, but in this case, it feels more like when you've played one of the series, you played all of them. I would expect it to become better and begtter as you improve the system, but there is very little change between both games I played. I sugest you revise your system and bring the necessary changes :)

Ah yes, if there's anything I love more than pixel hunting, it's pixel hunting moving objects. Never mind that the game doesn't really have a flow to it, and the requirements for things are rather non-nonsensical. Why can't I cut the couch with the scissors? Why do I need to hack apart a sim card to use a light switch that isn't even a light switch? Who knows?

I can tell very little QA testing went into this, especially as the random dude in this serves basically no function besides pretending there's a story to this and making the user aware that something's locked or under a bed. Never mind that to get said thing under the bed I need to differentiate an object with the background, when every item except that one stands out. Why is he even used in an art style that contradicts the rest of the game? Because anime is cool?

I found myself caring more about figuring out what the arcade machine used to play than playing this game. It's just poorly made, and most of it's downfalls seem to come from a lack of thought regarding it's functions and flow. Backtracking is a given in these games, and at least the puzzle hints were fair, but consider that we don't live in an age of pixel hunting anymore. Especially not moving objects with only one clickable pixel.

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3.16 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2017
5:09 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 5th Place July 17, 2017