Computer Evolution

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Evolve your computer to install more apps and news Operating systems


I completely love this game it has so many intricate parts that you can use and manipulate, immensely enjoy the sense of progression and achievement that you receive when upgrading your operating system, and although getting an application to a Max idle level of 50% is such a hard and strenuous task the overwhelming feeling of congratulation and award is fantastic and that is why I love this game!

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After successful manipulating with time date, bruteforcing the save-file (what is it, some ascii-based affine crypt?) and a few months of fair playing I managed to install the matrix.

I think, I understood this game's secret.

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To everyone who is saying that they lost their progress, you do know that there is an import/export save option in the settings, right? So, I don't think you should give it a poor rating for that.

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Not a bad idle game, it's sufficiently addictive that I've been working on it for about two months.

Unfortunately, all of that progress was erased after an update.

Poor form.

Really good Idle game, It would awesome if you could update it though and maybe add more things to do that can earn you cash by not idling but still really neat.

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3.05 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2017
11:31 AM EDT
Strategy - Other