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Spot Book 4

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This is the fourth part of the hentai game where you have to pay attention to even the slightest details on the two pictures in order to determine the differences between them.

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Literally the only reason I clicked on this was because I recognised the image in the thumbnail and title screen. To add to one of the comments about the creator not crediting the artists, the artist of the thumbnail and title screen generally goes by Wokada across the internet, just to actually give him some credit.

To judge the game... Giving auto hints in a spot the difference after such a short time really isn't fun. And since I can find the art online easily, fun is the only reason you would play this...

Fairly sure this isn't the first time I've said this, but the auto hints piss me off more than anything. I don't want help forced on me; make it a button or an option, please.

And you know, you could ask the artists before you use their work, but this has been going on for years now, so I doubt my comment will amount to anything. You could also avoid downscaling them so much.

Finding Difference games are always interesting and fun.

The color differences like the light was a bit tricky for me.

Nice and simple makes ur games great.

I'd like to add to the comment below me that the only good part about this, the artwork, doesn't even belong to "SexHotGames" - they love to steal artwork and not give credit to the people who actually did the hard work. NONE of these pictures belong to them - they just made the tedious game that makes you work for artwork you can literally find on Google.

(One of the artists they steal from is "nigou", feel free to search for more of their work instead of playing this embarrassing waste of time)

I wouldn't call this a bad game, but it's hardly a particularly good example of its kind. Not being able to mute the sound effects, as annoying as they are, is definitely a minus. The automatic hints are more of a distraction than anything else - if you don't want people getting stuck, just add a hint button or the like, no need to make the screen start flashing without user input.

And then there are the pictures themselves. Once again, they're not BAD(quite the opposite, in fact), but... well, unless you add other elements(such as a story) or screw up, the quality of pictures is all people can judge the game by (since the gameplay is both rather simplistic as well as mastered by numerous existing games, and the entire focus of the game is looking at the said pictures) and therefore unlike with other kinds of games "good" is not good enough, the picture selection must be excellent. While this is highly subjective, I don't really think the pictures in this game manage to clear that(admittedly high) bar.

That about sums it up, I think. The gameplay needs a little polish, and the pictures lack that "wow"-factor that makes me really enjoy spot the difference - games.

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2.79 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2017
6:12 AM EDT

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