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... Summer in Japan ...

... Sister and brother's argument ...

... You are a rebellious child ...

"Hey sister! Leave me alone! I can do shopping alone."

Z / Enter / Space / Mouse L Click -> Select / Next
X / Esc / Mouse R Click -> " Cancel "

There are 5 types.

RPG Maker MV

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What in the world was that?

Dude, finish this game... after getting an English translator that can make this not word salad. This could have been great. AS it is, it is unfinished and a mess. I love horror games, esp. pixelated ones (MYFAVES) but geez man. finish it. now. I wanna play it as it SHOULD BE, not this mess.

The game is not finished at all, but what I picked up from what the kid was saying this story could go so much farther and it would be good too. A rushed project with a great plot is a missed opportunity. Take some time to build up the game to pull your viewers in. Also hire a English translator that is greatly needed for the English version. I'm going to look at this as a very small demo of something way better, so I hope to see this flourish in the future.

I don't understand the storyline at all

I played through a few times because I really wanted to like this game. I tend to enjoy rpg maker, but this version is not suitable for public release.

While it is possible that the non-English version makes sense and has a story, you need serious structural help with your English translation. As it is, the English version of the game is nonsensical word salad, as if someone just copied phrases into google translate or something like that. It just doesn't work, and doesn't make sense at all. After a couple play throughs, I was able to piece together what I think the basic story is... but this game needs A LOT of work, as story based games need to be readable for the player.