Virtual Date 3

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This is a playable preview version of Virtual Date 3, the lesbian edition. It includes all scenes, minus the endings.

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No clues on how to proceed, options become seriously limited very quickly, and the audio needs work. Anyone writing a walkthrough will still not increase the game's playability by much.

Not sure why everyone hates christies games

Decent art. Meh animations and sound. The text doesn't tend to match what's being used. Many of the negative responses sound like "don't you your hands", and are triggered with the cursor, but then I can get a positive response with the hand tool.

Clearly a work in progress.

with these games you can usualy hit tab to see hitboxs. some of them are straight up broken, a few are invisible, even to this trick, like the shirt, theres a hidden clickable under the entire shirt... i mean whos...i image the only way to see the entire game would be to spasticaly click every pixle of the game with every item

why SO HARD?? wtf >.<