Ghost Motel 2

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"Ghost Motel 2: Know your ghosts"
ory: Violet-AIM
Voices: XwaynecoltX & Violet-AIM

If you haven't seen the 1st episode, you should probably watch it first so you can know what just happened.

I did the voices of the demon and girl ghost (with some sound editing). It also contains three songs both written and played by me on the keyboard. ("Bad Vibes", "Know", and "Ghost Motel theme".) This is an interactive movie. Hope you like it.

UPDATE 11/17/02: Okay, it looks like a lot of you were annoyed by the voices. Let me explain. In order to make the voice for the demon, I had to talk slightly faster, and in order to do the voice for the girl ghost, I had to talk slightly slower...since I made the voices based on the time distortion....that was sort of hard to do, so that explains why it sounded a little off(didn't notice til after it was already sent in)...I'm still new to having voices in my flash, so gimme a break. I will try to improve them on the next one.

UPDATE 12/04/02: Ghost Motel 3 is out now.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me. Somebody broke into my account and made posts without my consent.


First one was a bit better

Personally, I think the first one was a bit better. This episode carries on in the same vein as the first, and has a bit of plot progression and the same interactivity which made the first Ghost Motel cool, but it just didn't seem as interesting. Still above average and worth looking at, but you need to watch the first one before seeing this.

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Violet-AIM responds:

You're right, it's better to watch the things in order, just the way you're doing right now, since it's a continuing story. :)

This is turning out to be a good series.

Another great episode of Ghost Motel. I am gonna go watch Ghost Motel 3 now.

Violet-AIM responds:

cool!! :)

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Not bad. A bit intense at the start, and I liked that. I kind of deciphered what she said... The voices were ok, I realize that it was kind of limited. Good job. Can I ask, how old are you?


i love these. (thats the whole review)

i love these pieces. it wasn't snowing in the motel mezzanine painting this time; that is my only criticizm.

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3.63 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2002
6:43 PM EST
  • Daily Feature November 17, 2002