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Ghost Motel 2

rated 3.63 / 5 stars
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Credits & Info

Nov 16, 2002 | 6:43 PM EST
  • Daily Feature November 17, 2002

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Author Comments

"Ghost Motel 2: Know your ghosts"
ory: Violet-AIM
Voices: XwaynecoltX & Violet-AIM

If you haven't seen the 1st episode, you should probably watch it first so you can know what just happened.

I did the voices of the demon and girl ghost (with some sound editing). It also contains three songs both written and played by me on the keyboard. ("Bad Vibes", "Know", and "Ghost Motel theme".) This is an interactive movie. Hope you like it.

UPDATE 11/17/02: Okay, it looks like a lot of you were annoyed by the voices. Let me explain. In order to make the voice for the demon, I had to talk slightly faster, and in order to do the voice for the girl ghost, I had to talk slightly slower...since I made the voices based on the time distortion....that was sort of hard to do, so that explains why it sounded a little off(didn't notice til after it was already sent in)...I'm still new to having voices in my flash, so gimme a break. I will try to improve them on the next one.

UPDATE 12/04/02: Ghost Motel 3 is out now.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me. Somebody broke into my account and made posts without my consent.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

good but the voiceovers sucked again!

i was listening to the voices and it had no emotion! a guy was screaming and it sounded so plain! nothing had any emotion!

Violet-AIM responds:

Yeah the Voices do have issues but its all a fun game you need to take in, thanks for the review.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

better than the first

well I like how it gave a few little tidbits of info, but aI think it's way to short. I think the audio could also use a little bit of work. Speaking of audio, X, would it have killed you to put a little feeling into your lines? It sounds to me like you were pretty boured at the time of recording. Grahic, I thought were ok, and I thought the random "bitch" and evil chanting was pretty funny.

Violet-AIM responds:

Yeah X does sound like that but also helps since its a ghost and all, thanks for the review.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Again w/ teh screamers?

Good lord man!! Stop making the flash screamers! It's too scary!! It's disturbing!! Is this how you get your sick kicks?!!

Violet-AIM responds:

Haha sorry had to try it one more time it seems to still be working, thanks for the review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This one was a lot better!

~The good~

This one is a lot more interactive, you can go all over the motel with ease, and as the story unfolds, you find yourself much more emersed in this story. Also, as I mentioned in the last one, what you pick cannot really effact you in the actual story, you changed it a little in this one, now you can actually die, which is a good start. You guys also still kept the motel the same way it was before, so if you played the first, you would easily understand the landscape of the building. You also get a background of why you are actually a ghost and why you're in a motel, to further the story.

~The bad~

The voices still felt a little monotonic, you did have a girl's voice in this one, though, a good idea for diversity, it didn't really sound amazing. Also, the voice of the demon was very hard to understand, especially when he started talking in gibrish, there were a lot of staticy parts in the speech. Some of the graphics were a little off as well, such as the female corpse, it felt a little flat. Another little problem I had was that you had a nice little searching feature, in which you can move your cursor and click on different objects, but there wasn't a single object you can click on that had something in it or anything to further the story,

Overall, a much better sequel to your last game, much more interactivity and a much more informative story. I hope this review was helpful!

Review Request Club

Violet-AIM responds:

X does the voice of joeseph and i do the voice of the girl, but we got slightly better, im glad you enjoyed this one somewhat more then the last, they do get better and more fun as you go on.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

good cliff hanger!i like these games

i like these games they are addicting ima beat everyone lol

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks its good to know that people like these, there will be more fun ones in the future.