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VG Exiles Ep.4 Intro Sneak Peek

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Hey, everyone.

I know I haven't been big on trailers or sneak peeks in the past. Today, however, is a very special day and those who have been following me for the last few years will know why.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and kind words during my rougher times. I hope this preview of the intro scene for VG Exiles Episode 4 can serve as my thanks.

Full version coming soon.


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Your videos along with a few others are what kept me glued to this site when I was growing up, so good to see this!!!

I only have a few words for this.
"A part of my childhood, one that inspired me and helped me through a lot has returned."
I know thats more than a few but damnit! Its coming back!!! Im hyped!!!

You and this series is why I keep coming back to Newgrounds! Damn fine work, and damn sure looking forward to the full thing!

Reptilian Evil Ibuki vs (I'm guessing) Shit Talking Jaded Maki. KUNOICHI FIGHT!!!!